Takao Tanabe: Curriculum Vitae

Takao Tan­abe: Cur­ricu­lum Vitae

Born in Prince Rupert, B.C., 16 Sep­tem­ber 1926

Takao Tan­abe is rep­re­sented by Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto; Equinox Gallery, Van­cou­ver; And Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary


  1. Win­nipeg School of Art, Win­nipeg, 1946–49
  2. Brook­lyn Museum Art School, Brook­lyn, N.Y., 1951–52
  3. Cen­tral School of Arts & Crafts, Lon­don, Eng­land, 1954
  4. Isao Hirayama, Tokyo Uni­ver­sity of Fine Arts, Tokyo, 1959
  5. Teach­ing

  6. Van­cou­ver School of Art, Van­cou­ver, B.C., 1962–65, 1967–68
  7. The Banff Cen­tre School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta,
  8. Head, Art Depart­ment and Artist-in-Residence, 1973–80
  9. Awards

  10. Emily Carr Foun­da­tion Schol­ar­ship, 1953
  11. The Canada Coun­cil, 1959 Bur­sary, 1969 Senior Fellowship
  12. Royal Cana­dian Acad­emy, 1967 Asso­ciate, 1973 RCA elect, 1979 Resigned
  13. Queen Eliz­a­beth II Sil­ver Jubilee Medal, 1977
  14. Hon­orary Diploma, Emily Carr Col­lege of Art and Design, 1990
  15. Order of British Colum­bia, 1993
  16. D.F.A. (Hon), Uni­ver­sity of Leth­bridge, 1995
  17. Mem­ber, Order of Canada, 1999
  18. Doc­tor of Let­ters (Hon), Emily Carr Insti­tute of Art & Design, 2000
  19. Queen Eliz­a­beth II Golden Jubilee Medal, 2002
  20. Governor-General’s Award in the Visual and Media Arts, 2003
  21. Paul D. Fleck Fel­low­ship in the Arts, The Banff Cen­tre, 2007
  22. Com­mit­tees

  23. The National Cap­i­tal Com­mis­sion, Ottawa: Fine Arts Com­mit­tee, 1977–82
  24. The National Cap­i­tal Com­mis­sion, Ottawa: Design Com­mit­tee, 1979–82
  25. Canada Coun­cil: ‘A’ and ‘B’ Grant Juries, Art Bank Juries
  26. Emily Carr Col­lege of Art and Design, Van­cou­ver: Self Study Com­mit­tee, 1987
  27. Canada Coun­cil Art Bank Advi­sory Com­mit­tee, Ottawa, 1991–93
  28. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Acqui­si­tions Com­mit­tee, 1995–98
  29. Van­cou­ver Foun­da­tion, Van­cou­ver: Art Advi­sory Com­mit­tee, 2000-02
  30. Films

  31. Land­scape as Muse, Episode 49 (Series 5)”, 291 Film Com­pany, Regina, 2009.
  32. Takao Tan­abe, A Work of Art”, Prometheus Films in asso­ci­a­tion with Bravo!,
    Van­cou­ver, 2009.

  34. 1949 Group:     Hudson’s Bay Store and cof­fee houses, Winnipeg
  35. 1951 Group:     Mon­tréal Museum of Fine Arts: Spring Show
  36. 1952 Solo:      Win­nipeg Art Gallery
    1. Banff School of Fine Arts

  37. 1953 Solo:      Richardson’s Gallery, Winnipeg
    1. Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
    1. Uni­ver­sity of Alberta, Edmonton
    1. Coste House, Calgary
      1. Group:      Sao Paolo Bienal, Brazil
    1. Cara­cas Exhi­bi­tion, Venezuela
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: 8th Quar­terly Show
    1. National Gallery of Canada: Cana­dian Sur­vey Show
    1. Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Columbia
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Columbial

  38. 1955 Solo:      Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
    1. McGill Uni­ver­sity, School of Archi­tec­ture Gallery, Montréal
      1. Group:       A.I.A. Gallery, Lon­don, Eng­land: Sum­mer Show
    1. Lon­don Art Gallery, Lon­don, Ontario: Cana­dian Painters Abroad

  39. 1956 Solo:      Uni­ver­sity of Man­i­toba, Art School Gallery, Winnipeg
      1. Group:      Guggen­heim Inter­na­tional Exhi­bi­tion, Paris & New York
    1. Smith­son­ian Insti­tute, Wash­ing­ton: Cana­dian Abstract Painters
    1. Win­nipeg Art Gallery: The Win­nipeg Show
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Win­nipeg Builders’ Exchange Build­ing, Mosaic Mural 11′ x 13′

  40. 1957 Solo:      Van­cou­ver Art Gallery
    1. Gallery of Con­tem­po­rary Art, Toronto
      1. Group:      National Gallery of Canada: Cana­dian Biennial
    1. Lon­don Art Gallery, Lon­don, Ontario: Young Contemporaries
    1. Lon­don Art Gallery, Lon­don, Ontario: A Four-man Show
    1. Sao Paolo Bienal, Brazil
    1. Milan Tri­en­nale, Italy
    1. Art Gallery of Toronto: 4 Canadians

  41. 1958 Solo:      Gallery of Con­tem­po­rary Art, Toronto
      1. Group:      Brus­sels World’s Fair, Belgium
    1. Cana­dian Painters, Geneva, Cologne, Utrecht, Groningen
    1. 1st Inter-American Bien­nial of Arts & Crafts, Mex­ico City
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Do You Own a Con­tem­po­rary Painting

  42. 1959 Solo:      New Design Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria, Vic­to­ria, B.C.
      1. Group:      National Gallery of Canada: Cana­dian Biennial
    1. Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia: 7 West Coast Painters
    1. Brook­lyn Museum, New York: 20th Bien­nial of Inter­na­tional Water­col­ors Exhibition

  43. 1960 Solo:      Nihon­bashi Gallery, Tokyo
  44. 1961 Solo:      New Design Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery & Lon­don Art Museum, Ontario: Cana­dian Group of Painters
    1. Hart House, Uni­ver­sity of Toronto: 5 Japan­ese Canadians
    1. Art Gallery of Toronto: 15th Annual Con­tem­po­rary Cana­dian Paint­ings, Sculp­ture & Graphics

  45. 1962 Solo:      Agnes Lefort Gallery, Montréal
    1. New Design Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Seat­tle World’s Fair: North­west Art Today
    1. Com­mon­wealth Cen­tre, Lon­don, Eng­land: Com­mon­wealth Art Today
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Con­tem­po­rary Exhi­bi­tion and Sale
    1. Burn­aby Art Soci­ety and the Van­cou­ver Inter­na­tional Fes­ti­val: Draw­ings by 8 B.C. Artists

  46. 1963 Solo:      Lit­tle Blue Barn Gallery, Ottawa
      1. Group:     National Gallery of Canada: Cana­dian Biennial
    1. Rochester Memo­r­ial Art Gallery: Con­tem­po­rary Cana­dian Paint­ing & Sculpture
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: 15th Annual Con­tem­po­rary Exhi­bi­tion and Sale
    1. Mon­tréal Museum of Fine Arts: Cana­dian Group of Painters
      1. Com­mis­sion:  City of Van­cou­ver: Sum­mer Street Banners

  47. 1964 Solo:      New Design Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     National Gallery of Canada: Cana­dian Water­colours, Draw­ings & Prints
    1. Cal­gary Allied Arts Coun­cil: Cana­dian Group of Painters
    1. Win­nipeg Art Gallery: 9th Win­nipeg Show
    1. Seat­tle Art Museum: Pacific North­west Annual

  48. 1965 Solo:      Blue Barn Gallery, Ottawa
    1. West­ern Art Cir­cuit, 8-city tour of 4 west­ern provinces
      1. Group:     Mon­tréal Museum of Fine Arts: 82nd Annual Spring Show
    1. National Gallery of Canada: The Canada Biennial
    1. Art Gallery of Toronto: Focus on Drawings
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Brock Hall Collection
    1. Seat­tle Art Museum: Pacific North­west Annual
    1. Cardiff Com­mon­wealth Arts Fes­ti­val: Cana­dian Prints & Drawings

  49. 1966 Solo:      Agnes Lefort Gallery, Montréal
    1. New Design Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Yel­low Door Gallery, Winnipeg
      1. Group:     Mon­tréal Museum of Fine Arts:Montréal Collects
    1. Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia: Water­colours, Prints & Drawings
    1. Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria: Some Painters of the B.C. Mainland
    1. Com­mis­sion:  Depart­ment of Agri­cul­ture, Ottawa, Sir John Car­ling Building

  50. 1967 Solo:      Loft­house Gal­leries, Ottawa
    1. Atlantic Provinces Art Cir­cuit, 6-city tour of 4 east­ern provinces
      1. Group:     National Gallery of Canada: 300 Years of Cana­dian Art
    1. Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia: Joy & Celebration
    1. Uni­ver­sity of Ore­gon, Eugene: 7th Annual North­west Painters
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Win­nipeg Cen­ten­nial Con­cert Hall

  51. 1968 Solo:      Agnes Lefort Gallery, Montréal
      1. Group:     National Gallery of Canada: 7th Cana­dian Biennial
    1. Fine Arts Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia: Mul­ti­ples Exhi­bi­tion — Young Sculptors
    1. Impres­sions 58/68, Cana­dian Books Exhi­bi­tion, Soci­ety of Graphic Designers;
    1. tour of Eng­land, France, East & West Ger­many; books designed for Peri­win­kle Press and Klanak Press, Vancouver
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Con­fed­er­a­tion Cen­tre, Char­lot­te­town, P.E.I.

  52. 1969 Solo:      20/20 Gallery, Lon­don, Ontario
      1. Group:     Win­nipeg Art Gallery: Prints
    1. Philadel­phia Print Club: Prints

  53. 1970 Solo:      Loft­house Gal­leries, Ottawa
      1. Group:     Uni­ver­sity of Ottawa: 2 Man Show, Paintings
    1. McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia

  54. 1971 Solo:      Galerie Godard Lefort, Montréal
      1. Group:     Philadel­phia Art Museum: Multiples
    1. Mon­tréal Museum of Fine Arts: R.C.A. Annual Exhibition

  55. 1972 Solo:      Mac­In­tosh Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Ontario, Lon­don, Ontario
    1. Marl­bor­ough Godard Gallery, Toronto
      1. Group:     Marl­bor­ough Godard Gallery, Toronto

  56. 1973 Solo:      Marl­bor­ough Godard Gallery, Toronto
      1. Group:     Art Bank in Paris
    1. Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff: Banff Cen­tre Sum­mer Fac­ulty Show
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Uni­ver­sity of Alberta, Edmonton
    1. Uni­ver­sity of Regina
    1. Arthur Vin­cent, Winnipeg

  57. 1974 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Albright-Knox Gallery, Buf­falo, N.Y.: Aspects of Cana­dian Art
    1. Marl­bor­ough Gallery, New York: 13 Canadians
    1. Deson-Zaks, Chicago: 9 Cana­di­ans — A Print Show
    1. Illi­nois State Uni­ver­sity: Lith­o­graphs from Land­fall Press
    1. Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff: Banff Cen­tre Sum­mer Fac­ulty Show
    1. Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria: Land­scape Abbreviations

  58. 1975 Solo:      Marl­bor­ough Roma, Rome, Italy
    1. Marl­bor­ough Godard, Calgary
    1. Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Alberta Col­lege of Art Gallery: Cal­gary Col­lects, Cal­gary Fes­ti­val Show
    1. Art Gallery of Ontario Rental Gallery, Toronto: Through the Look­ing Glass
    1. Malaspina Print Show, Vancouver

  59. 1976 Solo:      Marl­bor­ough Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Nor­man McKen­zie Gallery, Regina: 1972–76: The Land;
    1. toured to Win­nipeg Art Gallery; Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon;
    1. Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary; Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria; Edmon­ton Art Gallery
    1. Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg
      1. Group:     Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto: Chang­ing Visions — The Cana­dian Landscape
    1. Spec­trum ’76 Olympics, Montréal
    1. Gale­ria d’Arte, Pescara, Italy: Con­tem­po­rary Cana­dian Prints

  60. 1977 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
      1. Group:     Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: Alberta Art Foun­da­tion Selections
    1. Burn­aby Art Gallery: A Ten Year Survey

  61. 1978 Solo:      Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary Art Gallery
    1. South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge
    1. Thomas Gallery, Winnipeg
    1. Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
      1. Group:     Red Deer Col­lege, Red Deer, Alberta: 33 Artists from the Alberta Art Foun­da­tion Collection
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Land­scape Reflections
    1. Lon­don Art Gallery, Lon­don, Ontario: London/Banff Exchange
    1. Alberta Art Foun­da­tion, Edmon­ton: XIth Com­mon­wealth Games
    1. Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: Recent Acquisitions/University of Lethbridge

  62. 1979 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto & Calgary
    1. Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: A Draw­ing Exhi­bi­tion; toured to Mendel Art Gallery, Saska­toon; South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge; Med­i­cine Hat Art Gallery;
    1. Memo­r­ial Uni­ver­sity, St. John’s
      1. Group:     Alberta Art Foun­da­tion: Selected Works on Tour, Japan — six city tour
    1. Edmon­ton Art Gallery: The Alberta Landscape
    1. Burn­aby Art Gallery: Shell Canada Collection
    1. Aspects of Cana­dian Print­mak­ing: Cana­dian Tour of 14 Galleries

  63. 1980 Solo:      Art Gallery of Hamilton
    1. Wind­sor Art Gallery
    1. W.J. Phillips Gallery, Banff
      1. Group:     Red Deer Pub­lic Library: Alber­tas­cape, Selected Works from Alberta Art Foundation
    1. Not Another Print Show, Alberta 75; a tour­ing show in Alberta, Alberta Art Foundation
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Cana­dian Embassy, Mex­ico City

  64. 1981 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
      1. Group:     Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: Recent Acquisitions
      1. Com­mis­sion:  Esso Resources Lim­ited, Calgary

  65. 1982 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  66. 1983 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Cal­gary & Toronto
    1. Graph­ica Art Gallery, Edmonton
    1. Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Van­cou­ver: Art & Artists 1931 — 1983

  67. 1984 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Mac­In­tosh Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Ontario: Yes­ter­day & Today
    1. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa: Reflections

  68. 1985 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Ber­nice Stein­baum Gallery, New York
    1. Mira Godard Gallery, 30 Year Print Retrospective
    1. Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary

  69. 1986 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Edmon­ton Art Gallery: Spaces and Places: Eight Decades of Landscape
    1. Paint­ing in Alberta; toured to eight pub­lic gal­leries in Canada

  70. 1987 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Canada House, Lon­don, England
    1. Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
      1. Group:     McDon­ald Stew­art Art Cen­tre, Guelph: Printshops of Canada: A National Survey
    1. Hamil­ton Artists’ Gallery: Shikataga Nai; toured to Burling­ton and London

  71. 1988 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  72. 1989 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Domin­ion Gal­leries, Montréal

  73. 1990 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Domin­ion Gal­leries, Montréal
      1. Group:     Pritchard Art Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of Idaho, Moscow
    1. Paris Gib­son Square Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Art
    1. Mis­soula Museum of Art, Mis­soula, Montana
    1. Hokkaido Museum of Mod­ern Art, Japan: Spaces and Places: Eight Decades of Land­scape Paint­ing in Alberta

  74. 1991 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto,
      1. Group:     South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge: Old­man River Expe­di­tion Exhibition

  75. 1992 Solo:      Teck Gallery, Simon Fraser Uni­ver­sity, Vancouver
    1. Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
      1. Group:     Con­cor­dia Art Gallery, Mon­tréal: Robert Ayre: The Critic and the Collector
    1. Helen Day Art Cen­ter, Stowe, Ver­mont: Four Cana­dian Artists, Reflec­tions on the Environment
    1. Win­nipeg Art Gallery: Achiev­ing the Mod­ern, 1950’s
    1. National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa: The Cri­sis of Abstrac­tion in Canada: The 1950’s; toured to Musee du Que­bec, Quebec

  76. 1993 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: The Col­lected Prints, 1950–1990
      1. Group:     South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge: Look­ing Back, The First Five Years, 1976–80

  77. 1994 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
      1. Group:     Uni­ver­sity of Leth­bridge in Cal­gary: Reflect­ing Paradise
    1. Edmon­ton Art Gallery: Hid­den Val­ues: West­ern Cor­po­ra­tions Collect

  78. 1995 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Uni­ver­sity of Leth­bridge Art Gallery: A Trib­ute: 1950 to the Present
      1. Group:     Win­nipeg Art Gallery: Mod­ernism Tri­umphant: Cana­dian Art of the 1960’s

  79. 1996 Solo:      Site Gallery, Winnipeg
    1. Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
    1. Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
      1. Group:     UBC, Mor­ris & Helen Belkin Gallery: Recent Acquisitions

  80. 1997 Group:      Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: A “Duchampian” Look at The Glen­bow Art Collection
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Con­tem­po­rary Art of B.C.

  81. 1998 Solo:      Domin­ion Gallery, Montréal
      1. Group:     Kam­loops Art Gallery, Kam­loops: Home Base

  82. 1999 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
    1. Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Out of this Century
    1. Macken­zie Art Gallery, Regina: Trav­el­ling Iden­ti­ties II, East Meets West
    1. Nickle Art Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary: Impact: Japan­ese and Cana­dian Woodblocks

  83. 2000 Solo:      Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, B.C.: Takao Tan­abe: wet coasts and dry lands
    1. toured to South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge (2001);
    1. Kam­loops Art Gallery, Kam­loops (2002);
    1. Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George (2002)
    1. Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitch­ener (2003)
      1. Group:     Apple­ton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida: Mod­ern Art at Millenium’s End

  84. 2001 Solo:      Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
      1. Group:     Wal­ter Phillips Gallery, Banff: Made in Banff
    1. Art Gallery of S.W. Man­i­toba, Bran­don: Land Mark­ings: Abstracted Landscape
    1. Paint­ings from W.A.G. Collection
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Colour­ing the West: A Cen­tury of B.C. Painting
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Van­cou­ver Collects

  85. 2002 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: This Place

  86. 2003 Group:      Nickle Arts Museum, Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary: Loca­tions: Space, Cul­ture, and Identity
  87. 2004 Solo:      Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: 50 Years of Works on Paper
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Deter­mined Pur­suit: High­lights from the
    1. Longstaffe Col­lec­tion
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: A Mod­ern Life: Art and Design in
    1. British Colum­bia, 1945–1960
    1. Gallery 111, Uni­ver­sity of Man­i­toba, Win­nipeg: An Inti­mate View of Stu­dents’ Prints at the School of Art, 1950 — 59

  88. 2005 Solo:      Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria & Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, co-sponsors:
    1. Takao Tan­abe Retrospective
    1. Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: Works on Paper
      1. Group:     Macken­zie Art Gallery, Regina: POP – Paint­ings and Prints from the 60’s
    1. Martha Street Stu­dio, Win­nipeg: Print­mak­ing in the 1950’s
    1. Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby, B.C.: Prior Edi­tions, 10 Years Cana­dian Printmaking

  89. 2006 Solo:      Cen­tre A, Van­cou­ver: Ban­ners & Ban­ner Paintings
    1. Wal­ter Phillips Gallery, Banff: Takao Tan­abe: Light, Sky & Land
      1. Group:     Equinox Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Views of the Coast
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: 75 Years, Per­ma­nent Collection
    1. Museum Lon­don, Lon­don, Ontario: Recent Acqui­si­tions, Con­ven­tion & Inven­tion in the 60’s
    1. Sur­rey Art Gallery, Sur­rey, B.C.: Recent Acquisitions
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Print
    1. Equinox Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Altered Images

  90. 2007 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: New Paintings
      1. Group:     Macken­zie Art Gallery, Regina: Can­non Fod­der: Look­ing at Landscape
    1. Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna: Nexus, His­to­ries and Communities
    1. Museum Lon­don, Lon­don, Ontario: An Eye for It

  91. 2008 Solo:      Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: Ban­ners 1969/70
      1. Group:     Whyte Museum, Banff: The Group of Seven to Takao Tan­abe… Inspir­ing Landscape
    1. FAB Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of Alberta, Edmon­ton: See­ing through Modernism
    1. Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby, B.C.: Our Chang­ing Land­scape: Per­spec­tives on and Inter­pre­ta­tions of British Colum­bia (series III)

  92. 2009 Solo:      Whyte Museum, Banff: Moun­tains in Winter
    1. toured to Pen­ti­con Art Gallery (2010);
    1. West Van­cou­ver Museum (2010)
      1. Group:     Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Enact­ing Abstraction
    1. Ottawa Art Gallery: Dynamic Rhythm

  93. 2010 Solo:      Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: The Early Years, 1951 to 1965
    1. Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: Print Ret­ro­spec­tive, 1967 to 2007
      1. Group:     Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: Landscape/Cityscape

  94. 2011 Solo:      Ottawa Art Gallery: The Seasons
    1. Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
    1. Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby: Chron­i­cles of Form and Place: Works on Paper by Takao Tanabe
      1. Group:     Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Con­cor­dia Uni­ver­sity, Mon­tréal: Parade
    1. Art Gallery of Cal­gary: Cal­gary Collects
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: An Auto­bi­og­ra­phy of our Collection
    1. Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Shore, For­est and Beyond – Art from the Audain Collection


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    Uni­ver­sity of Alberta, Edmon­ton
    Uni­ver­sity of British Colum­bia, Van­cou­ver
    Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary
    Uni­ver­sity of Guelph
    Uni­ver­sity of Leth­bridge
    Uni­ver­sity of New Brunswick, Fred­er­ic­ton
    Uni­ver­sity of Toronto, Hart House
    Uni­ver­sity of Regina
    Uni­ver­sity of Vic­to­ria
    Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Ontario, Lon­don
    Achen­bach Foun­da­tion for Graphic Arts, San Fran­cisco
    Alberta Art Foun­da­tion, Edmon­ton
    Alberta House Col­lec­tion, Lon­don, Eng­land
    British Colum­bia Provin­cial Col­lec­tion, Vic­to­ria
    CBC Van­cou­ver
    Dept. of Exter­nal Affairs, Ottawa
    Dept. of Pub­lic Works, Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture, Ottawa
    Dept. of Trade and Com­merce, Exhi­bi­tion Com­mis­sion, Ottawa
    Province of Man­i­toba Col­lec­tion, Win­nipeg
    Win­nipeg Cen­ten­nial Library


    Alberta Gas Trunk Com­pany, Cal­gary
    Alberta Gov­ern­ment Tele­phones
    Alliance Films
    Amer­i­can Air­lines
    Amoco Canada Petro­leum
    Anglo-Canadian Com­pany
    Bank of Canada
    Bank of Mon­tréal
    Bank of Nova Sco­tia
    Bell Canada
    Ben­nett, Jones, Cal­gary
    Ben­son & Hedges, Toronto
    Blake Cas­sels, Toronto
    Bor­den Elliot Kelly & Part­ners, Toronto
    Bras­can Ltd.
    Bull, Hauser & Tup­per, Van­cou­ver
    Burns Fry, Toronto
    CDC Oil & Gas Com­pany
    CN Hotels
    Canada Per­ma­nent Trust
    Cana­dian Impe­r­ial Bank of Com­merce
    Cana­dian Pacific
    Can­cer Con­trol Agency of B.C., Van­cou­ver
    Cen­tral Guar­anty Trust
    Chem­i­cal Bank
    Cigna Insur­ance
    Citi­corp Canada
    Clark­son, Gor­don
    Coun­cil for Busi­ness & the Arts, Toronto
    Credit Foncier
    Dean Wit­ter Reynolds
    Dofasco Inc.
    Dome Petro­leum
    Domin­ion Bridge
    Dom­tar Chem­i­cals
    Dow Chem­i­cals Lim­ited
    Eaton Corp.
    Ernst & Young
    Esso Resources Lim­ited
    First City Trust, Toronto
    For­mosa Springs Brew­ery, Toronto
    Four Sea­sons Hotels, Toronto
    Geigy Lim­ited, Mon­tréal
    Gell­man, Hay­ward & Assoc.
    Good­man & Good­man
    Gor­don Secu­ri­ties
    Gran­ite Club, Toronto
    Green­shields, Toronto
    Gulf Oil Canada
    H.B.C. Oil & Gas, Cal­gary
    Hiram Walker Resources
    Her­cules Sling & Machine, Mon­tréal
    Impe­r­ial Life Com­pany
    Impe­r­ial Oil Com­pany
    Inco Canada, Lim­ited
    J.C. Pen­ney, New York
    J.W. Thomp­son Lim­ited, New York
    James Richard­son & Sons, Win­nipeg
    Jaris­lowsky Invest­ments, Inc.
    Lad­ner Downs
    Lan­tos Film

    Lib­eral Party of Canada
    Loewen, Ondaatje, Toronto
    Lon­don Free Press, Lon­don
    Mag­na­sonic Lim­ited, Toronto
    Marsh & McLen­nan
    Mary Kay Cos­met­ics
    Mazda Canada
    McK­een & Wil­son, Van­cou­ver
    McLean Hunter, Toronto
    McMil­lan Binch, Toronto
    Mid­dle­field Group, Toronto
    Mobil Oil
    Moore Corp.
    Mor­ri­son Petro­leum, Cal­gary
    Nabisco, Canada
    Nis­san, Canada
    North­ern & Cen­tral Gas Com­pany
    Okana­gan Skeena Group
    Olympia & York Prop­er­ties
    Osler, Hoskin & Har­court, Toronto
    Ottawa Cit­i­zen, Ottawa
    Oxford Devel­op­ment
    Pat­ti­son Group
    Poly­gon, Van­cou­ver
    Poly­sar Canada
    Price, Water­house
    Princess Mar­garet Hos­pi­tal, Toronto
    RBC Domin­ion Secu­ri­ties
    Reed Paper Co., Toronto
    Rol­land Paper
    Roth­mans Lim­ited
    Nynex Cor­po­ra­tion, New York
    Royal Bank of Canada
    Royal Trust Com­pany
    Shell Canada Col­lec­tion
    Sifton Prop­er­ties
    Southam Press, Ottawa
    Stelco Lim­ited, Toronto
    Sulpetro Resources
    Sun Life Insur­ance
    Swiss Bank, Toronto
    Tex­aco Canada
    Tele­globe, Inc.
    The Co-operators
    The Lon­don Club, Lon­don
    Thorne, Rid­dell
    Toronto Domin­ion Bank
    Tory Tory, Toronto
    Trans Alta, Cal­gary
    Trans Moun­tain Pipelines
    Turbo Resources, Cal­gary
    Union Bank of Switzer­land
    Van-City Sav­ings
    Viceroy Resources
    Wood Gundy Lim­ited, Toronto
    West­ern Co-op Fer­til­iz­ers, Cal­gary
    Win­spear, Hig­gins, Steven­son, Toronto
    Xerox Cor­po­ra­tion