The Artist

Takao Tan­abe is a for­mer Head of the Art Depart­ment and Artist-in-Residence at The Banff Cen­tre. Tan­abe was born in Prince Rupert in 1926 and stud­ied at the Win­nipeg School of Art from 1946–49 before going to New York where he con­tin­ued stud­ies at the Brook­lyn Museum Art School. After a sum­mer at the Banff School of Fine Arts in 1953, Tan­abe went to the Cen­tral School of Arts and Crafts in Lon­don, Eng­land and then to Tokyo Uni­ver­sity in Japan. Takao Tan­abe was awarded the Emily Carr Foun­da­tion Schol­ar­ship in 1953, a Canada Coun­cil Fel­low­ship in 1959 and a Canada Coun­cil Senior Fel­low­ship in 1969. More recently, Tan­abe was awarded the Order of Canada for his ongo­ing con­tri­bu­tion to the cul­tural land­scape of Canada and his con­tin­ued sup­port of younger artists. A mem­ber of the Royal Cana­dian Acad­emy, Takao Tan­abe has exhib­ited widely, both nation­ally and inter­na­tion­ally, has car­ried out a num­ber of pub­lic com­mis­sions and is rep­re­sented in the National Gallery of Canada and many other pub­lic and pri­vate col­lec­tions. Tan­abe has had a long and dis­tin­guished career as a Cana­dian land­scape painter. His paint­ings are done in acrylic char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally exe­cuted in thin washes which have a sub­tle, translu­cent qual­ity rem­i­nis­cent of watercolour.


  1. 2011         Ottawa Art Gallery: The Seasons
  2. 2011         Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
  3. 2011         Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby: Chron­i­cles of Form and Place: Works on Paper by Takao Tanabe
  4. 2010         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: The Early Years, 1951 to 1965
  5. 2010         Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: Print Ret­ro­spec­tive, 1967 to 2007
  6. 2009         Whyte Museum, Banff: Moun­tains in Winter
    1. toured to Pen­ti­con Art Gallery (2010);
      West Van­cou­ver Museum (2010)
  7. 2008         Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: Ban­ners 1969/70
  8. 2007         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: New Paintings
  9. 2006         Cen­tre A, Van­cou­ver: Ban­ners & Ban­ner Paintings
  10. 2006         Wal­ter Phillips Gallery, Banff: Takao Tan­abe: Light, Sky & Land
  11. 2005         Art Gallery of Greater Vic­to­ria & Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, co-sponsors: Takao Tanabe
    1. Ret­ro­spec­tive
  12. 2004         Paul Kuhn Gallery, Cal­gary: 50 Years of Works on Paper
  13. 2002         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  14. 2001         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  15. 2000         Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, B.C.: Takao Tan­abe: wet coasts and dry lands
    1. toured to South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge (2001);
      Kam­loops Art Gallery, Kam­loops (2002);
      Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George (2002)
  16. 2000         Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George (2002)
  17. 1999         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  18. 1999         Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary
  19. 1998         Domin­ion Gallery, Montréal
  20. 1996         Site Gallery, Winnipeg
  21. 1995         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  22. 1995         Uni­ver­sity of Leth­bridge Art Gallery: A Trib­ute: 1950 to the Present
  23. 1994         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  24. 1994         Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
  25. 1993         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  26. 1993         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: The Col­lected Prints, 1950–1990
  27. 1992         Teck Gallery, Simon Fraser Uni­ver­sity, Vancouver
  28. 1992         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  29. 1992         Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
  30. 1991         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  31. 1990         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  32. 1990         Domin­ion Gal­leries, Montréal
  33. 1989         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  34. 1989         Domin­ion Gal­leries, Montréal
  35. 1988         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  36. 1987         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  37. 1987         Canada House, Lon­don, England
  38. 1986         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  39. 1985         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  40. 1985         Ber­nice Stein­baum Gallery, New York
  41. 1985         Mira Godard Gallery, 30 Year Print Retrospective
  42. 1985         Paul Kuhn Fine Arts, Calgary
  43. 1984         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  44. 1983         Mira Godard Gallery, Cal­gary & Toronto
  45. 1983         Graph­ica Art Gallery, Edmonton
  46. 1983         Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
  47. 1982         Equinox Gallery, Vancouver
  48. 1981         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto
  49. 1981         Robert­son Gal­leries, Ottawa
  50. 1980         Art Gallery of Hamilton
  51. 1980         Wind­sor Art Gallery
  52. 1980         W.J. Phillips Gallery, Banff


  1. 2011         Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Con­cor­dia Uni­ver­sity, Mon­tréal: Parade
  2. 2011         Art Gallery of Cal­gary: Cal­gary Collects
  3. 2011         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: An Auto­bi­og­ra­phy of our Collection
  4. 2011         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Shore, For­est and Beyond – Art from the Audain Collection
  5. 2010         Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto: Landscape/Cityscape
  6. 2009         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery: Enact­ing Abstraction
  7. 2009         Ottawa Art Gallery: Dynamic Rhythm
  8. 2008         Whyte Museum, Banff: The Group of Seven to Takao Tan­abe… Inspir­ing Landscape
  9. 2008         FAB Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of Alberta, Edmon­ton: See­ing through Modernism
  10. 2008         Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby, B.C.: Our Chang­ing Land­scape: Per­spec­tives on
    1. and Inter­pre­ta­tions of British Colum­bia (series III)
  11. 2007         Macken­zie Art Gallery, Regina: Can­non Fod­der: Look­ing at Landscape
  12. 2007         Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna: Nexus, His­to­ries and Communities
  13. 2007         Museum Lon­don, Lon­don, Ontario: An Eye for It
  14. 2006         Equinox Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Views of the Coast
  15. 2006         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: 75 Years, Per­ma­nent Collection
  16. 2006         Museum Lon­don, Lon­don, Ontario: Recent Acqui­si­tions, Con­ven­tion & Inven­tion in the 60’s
  17. 2006         Sur­rey Art Gallery, Sur­rey, B.C.: Recent Acquisitions
  18. 2006         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Print
  19. 2006         Equinox Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Altered Images
  20. 2005         Macken­zie Art Gallery, Regina: POP – Paint­ings and Prints from the 60’s
  21. 2005         Martha Street Stu­dio, Win­nipeg: Print­mak­ing in the 1950’s
  22. 2005         Burn­aby Art Gallery, Burn­aby, B.C.: Prior Edi­tions, 10 Years Cana­dian Printmaking
  23. 2004         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: Deter­mined Pur­suit: High­lights from the Longstaffe
    1. Col­lec­tion
  24. 2004         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: A Mod­ern Life: Art and Design in British Columbia
    1. 1945–1960
  25. 2004         Prints at the School of Art, 1950–59
  26. 2003         Nickle Arts Museum, Uni­ver­sity of Cal­gary: Loca­tions: Space, Cul­ture, and Identity
  27. 2002         Van­cou­ver Art Gallery, Van­cou­ver: This Place
  28. 2001         Wal­ter Phillips Gallery, Banff: Made in Banff
  29. 2001         Art Gallery of S.W. Man­i­toba, Bran­don: Land Mark­ings: Abstracted Land­scape Paint­ings from
    1. W.A.G. Col­lec­tion
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  36. 1998         Kam­loops Art Gallery, Kam­loops: Home Base
  37. 1997         Glen­bow Museum, Cal­gary: A “Duchampian” Look at The Glen­bow Art Collection
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  46. 1992         Win­nipeg Art Gallery: Achiev­ing the Mod­ern, 1950’s
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    1. toured to Musee du Que­bec, Quebec
  48. 1991         South­ern Alberta Art Gallery, Leth­bridge: Old­man River Expe­di­tion Exhibition
  49. 1990         Pritchard Art Gallery, Uni­ver­sity of Idaho, Moscow
  50. 1990         Paris Gib­son Square Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Art
  51. 1990         Mis­soula Museum of Art, Mis­soula, Montana
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    1. Paint­ing in Alberta
  53. 1987         McDon­ald Stew­art Art Cen­tre, Guelph: Printshops of Canada: A National Survey
    1. Hamil­ton Artists’ Gallery: Shikataga Nai; toured to Burling­ton and London
  54. 1986         Edmon­ton Art Gallery: Spaces and Places: Eight Decades of Land­scape Paint­ing in Alberta
    1. toured to eight pub­lic gal­leries in Canada
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  60. 1980         Not Another Print Show, Alberta 75; a tour­ing show in Alberta, Alberta Art Foundation


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