Edu­ca­tional Teacher’s Guide

Takao Tanabe’s rep­re­sen­ta­tional and abstract land­scape images work to cap­ture the essence of time and place. This guide pro­vides infor­ma­tion and activ­ity les­son plans to inspire stu­dents to learn and apply Tanabe’s style and tech­niques to their own artis­tic practice.

Key Objec­tives:

  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts)
  • Expe­ri­ence in-depth explo­ration of a Cana­dian artist’s style (Takao Tanabe).
  • Cre­ate and develop art­work as a response to obser­va­tion and dis­cus­sion of exhib­ited artwork.
  • Exam­ine through prac­tice and dis­cus­sion the use of artis­tic tech­niques (water­colour, acrylic, and sumi paint­ing; draw­ing) and con­cepts (land­scape, abstract expres­sion­ism, real­is­tic representation).

Included Infor­ma­tion and Les­son Plans:

  • About the Artist
  • Vocab­u­lary
  • Activ­ity 1: Express­ing Emo­tion Through Art (Line and Colour)
  • Activ­ity 2: Real­is­tic Land­scapes (Composition)
  • Activ­ity 3: Graphite Draw­ings (Value)
  • Activ­ity 4a & 4b: Water­colour Tech­niques and Land­scape Paintings
  • Activ­ity 5: Artist State­ments and Gallery Work­sheet: Obser­va­tion Walk —Nat­ural Landscape